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DKE History
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DKE History

A Long History of Service to Investors Like You
DKE, Inc. traces its history to 1950 when our founder, Dale K. Ehrhart, began a program of writing covered calls against blue chip common stocks in individual managed accounts to enhance the income produced by the clients' equity holdings. DKE was formally organized to serve as his family office in Venice, Florida, where we continue to operate today. DKE's tradition of individualized service continues today under the ownership of two partners, Michael T. Hartley, CFP, AAMS (Chairman and CEO and a member of the DKE management team since 1985) and Thomas B. Trammell (Senior Vice President and management team member since 1980).

Efficient, Low Cost Access to a Diversified Portfolio
Today, our focus is on building portfolios that will provide efficient, low cost access to a broad array of equity and fixed income asset classes. We believe firmly that only through diversification across all asset classes of the equity and fixed income markets can investors be effectively positioned to reap the returns offered by the markets. A discovery process at the outset of any engagement allows us to identify our client's core values as well as their financial and life goals and objectives. Through a proprietary process of risk profiling and analysis we can determine the pattern of asset class allocation appropriate to each client's unique circumstances. At the heart of our service is our ability to design and manage a diversified portfolio constructed from the building blocks of pure asset classes. Our goal is to simplify our clients' financial lives and to provide them peace of mind when they consider their investments. In addition to portfolio design, our firm's staff is committed to providing clients excellent personal service above and beyond our financial asset management. An important component of this service is the complete confidentiality of any and all client information. Access to client files is limited, secure and constantly controlled by state of the art security programs.

Leveraging Cutting Edge Research
Our investment solutions are designed to bridge the gap between accepted academic theories pertaining to equity and fixed income market behavior and the real-world application of those findings. Our firm is committed to remaining current with cutting-edge research projects at major academic institutions, while concurrently conducting internal research on topics vital to our practice and our clients. These issues range from developing improved portfolio design techniques to understanding and facilitating family dynamics. Through our collaboration with other leading service firms, our team provides comprehensive and individualized financial services with the stated and specific aim of unburdening our clients' financial lives.

Educating You and Your Family
One of the most valuable services we provide is education. We believe that a strong educational foundation is the key to reaching any goal, whether it is a financial goal, or a social goal that is bestowed upon future generations. Upon any engagement with our firm, a personalized financial education plan is designed to aid our clients through the foreseeable future

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