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Investment Philosophy

Which would you invest in - a portfolio of five stocks or of 1,000 stocks?

Most investors would choose the 1,000-stock portfolio because they understand the value of diversification in reducing their exposure to poor performance by any individual stock.

Your choices can feel overwhelming. That's why you turn to an investment manager like us to create a portfolio that is balanced, diversified, and consistent with your unique goals and objectives.

Your portfolio will incorporate the results of a comprehensive risk analysis based on our collection of your pertinent quantitative and qualitative data. Your tolerance, capacity and need for risk will enter into our calculations of your unique risk tolerance.

At DKE, Inc, we base our investment management on our firm belief that the equity and fixed income markets are efficient and that, over time, will provide a positive return on invested capital. That, after all, is the simplest definition of a capitalist system. Using our unique and proprietary processes, and incorporating proven academic theory, we design a comprehensive solution to your financial life. Helping you to achieve your objectives and simplifying your financial life is our goal.

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